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*When blockages are cleared, all the aches, pains & soreness in your body can be resolved

*When you nurture your vitality, you can enjoy good deep sleep from night to dawn

*After practising Qigong, you can’t help but admire your radiant complexion in the mirror

*Bad moods are due to sub-health condition

*Shoulder stiffness and neck pains are more damaging to your Brain than you are aware of

*When you learn the right technique, you can practise it and enjoy its benefits for a lifetime

World's No#1 Qigong Classes

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You can learn to improve your health in 10 days 

Here is how we do it.

Preparatory Course

HarmonyQi「Priority-Learn」Lessons takes about 15 minutes only, which is very much in line with your ad-hoc learning needs. You can either learn 1 or 2 lessons per day, or you can choose to finish the whole course in 1 week, or you may want to spend a weekend to complete your learning. You can plan your learning according to your preference, at your own pace and schedule.

In addition to teaching the Qigong techniques, each lesson also contains explanations of theories, to give you a better understanding of your Body and your health condition.

Each lesson provides clear close-ups of demonstrations with detailed explanation. At the same time, we show you the “NG - no good” wrong movements as a comparison, wherein you can clearly see the difference between the wrong movement and the correct one, and will know how to make the necessary correction for yourself. We also show you the different angles of of each movement - the front, the side and the back. There are no “blind spots” and you can see every details very clearly.

Formal Course

Online LIVE Class has a total of 600 minutes (10 hours) of in-depth 2-way learning.

The designated Instructors will teach via online classes, where the number of students are kept to a small and manageable size, with 2-way interactive coaching guidance. This method enables your Instructor to see you, just as you can see your Instructor. Hence, your Instructor can correct your movements instantly, where necessary.

All HarmonyQi Instructors have been carefully selected by Master Bai Yin. Each Instructor has undergone stringent certification, and have received more than 600 hours of professional training. On top of that, every Instructor has been practising Qigong for a very long time. Hence, they have a wealth of experience. The Instructors have very good knowledge of Qigong, and have excellent track record for their hands-on approach in their service for Students.

In-depth teaching is actually very useful to promote in-depth learning, because whilst learning, you find out what you haven't figured out or didn’t clearly understand from the Prepartory Course videos, and after the Instructor’s in-depth Class teaching, you will have a firmer grasp of your understanding.

Besides being highly professional, the most out-standing characteristic of every Instructor is that they are full of love. In addition to their commitment to teach well, they are ever-willing to conscientiously answer all your questions about your health condition.

Revision Course

After you have completed the Formal Course session, you may encounter certain areas which you cannot remember, but don't worry. 

We provide you with Revision videos for your repeated learning. You can search for the topics which you are not clear about, at any time. Once you have found the Revision Video you need, you can revise it, and watch it over and over again. In fact, many theories and details of technique movements need to be watched repeatedly in order for you to be more familiar.

Group Practices

Group Practice is one of the most important foundations of Bai Yin Qigong.

After you have completed your learning, you may become lazy and forget to practise. However, when there are Group Practices, you will be able to keep pace with the group. You can also take comfort that besides yourself, there are other students who have carried on persistently as you have.

Your Instructors will accompany you to develop the habit of practising. After a period of time, you will find that you are able to carry on with your practice diligently. And of course, the results of your practice will be even better.

“Thank you for a lovely class, special thanks to Instructor Yvonne for teaching us so patiently and methodically.”  ~ K Raj, Mumbai, Student, HarmonyQi Class

K Raj.

Instructor Yvonne

This is my story, to share with you the Amazing Bai Yin Qigong, how my Life has changed, and the Joy that I found, which paved the Way for me to be a Bai Yin Qigong Volunteer, and Certified Instructor.

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Master Bai Yin was born in Beijing into a prominent family of medical practitioners. She is the principal successor of Grand Master Gao Yun‘s teachings of 50 years on natural health and naturopathy.

From the age of eight, with a foundation in Qigong for children, she has studied many schools of health, natural therapy and Qigong from around the world, and has practised Qigong for almost 40 years.

Integrating the world's health and wellness principles with the modern lifestyle, she structured an overall framework on “health management for life” courses, creating a new international wave of health awareness.

She has 30 years of international teaching experience, with students from all over the world. A total of more than 500,000 have attended her seminars. The pioneering “Family HarmonyQi” and “Family EnerQi” courses have been helping families find intimacy and harmony, helping parents to care for their children's eye, spine and gastrointestinal health.

The original “Business HarmonyQi” courses have successfully helped large enterprises in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China to establish “Harmony Associations” to provide health benefits for their employees.

She has been invited to present lectures in Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Malaysia, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, etc., and has nurtured excellent “health management instructors” from around the world. Presently, Master Bai Yin is held in esteem as the world’s most acclaimed and innovative Qigong exponent, with an astute international insight.

What is HarmonyQi?

7 sets of techniques + 1 set of Completion Techniques

Just requires 10 minutes to practice

The most effective healthcare regimen

One-stop effective maintenance technique

Feel the abundance of Qi

An overall sense of wholesomeness

 It's time to Act 

Best Class Package for You

Why choose HarmonyQi?

Modern people lead sedentary lifestyles, use electronic devices excessively, and are exposed to environmental pollution. They are prone to the 4 types of Qi disorders - deficiency of Qi, blockage of Qi, impurity of Qi,  and reversal of Qi, resulting in pre-mature degeneration, chronic diseases in an early age. HarmonyQi is the answer to all major and minor illnesses caused by Qi disorders and can improve your physical fitness.

The principles of healthcare and management of well-being are simple and easy to understand. The practice period is short. Each Qigong technique can be split into smaller parts, which is convenient for modern people to fit practice time into their lifestyles. It is suitable for all types of body conditions.

Most modern people have Qi deficiency and low immunity. HarmonyQi can quickly revitalize your energy, increase physical strength, improve sleep quality, eliminate complications, and upgrade work efficiency. It is a practice that business owners and office workers look forward to practising.

First 4 lessons are 

[Warm-Up Techniques] Loosen the Joints

[Ascending & Descending Technique] Resolve water retention problem at the lower body

 [Palm Trembling Technique] Relief from backache and back pain, improves micro-circulation

 [Internal Sound Vibration Technique] Improve blood circulation to the extremities and stabilise blood pressure

You will also learn

[Heaven Circulation Technique] Reduce “top (head) heavy bottom (feet) light” condition, resolve Qi & Blood disorders

 [Earth Circulation Technique] Reduce fat accumulation at the Waist and reduce waist-line; improve Spine flexibility

 [Sea Swaying Technique] Improve sleep quality

 [Completion Technique] Resolve rough skin from the face

And all the Qigong Theory

Qi for Health, What is Qigong, Why is Qigong effective for Health

Various levels to practise [Palm Trembling Technique]

Test your level of vitality, early discovery of diseases

Different stages of soreness, pain, swelling, numbness, numbness and Qi blockage

What is "Qi Blockage", "Qi Deficiency" and "Qi Turbidity"

 Ideal standard of each technique movement, with comparison to the “no good NG” versionucts are delivered immediately

What Our Students Say

“Instructor Yvonne is a very dedicated and committed Instructor. She is totally engaged with her Students, not just during class, but from the first moment that her path crosses with her Students, to graduating from HarmonyQi and along their Bai Yin Qigong journey. She is a natural teacher, and totally involved in her class and her Students, reaching across the divides of age and background, putting everyone at ease when delivering the concepts of Qigong in her class. Being an IT enthusiast, she applies her knowledge of IT to provide top-notch and an enjoyable, interactive online learning experience to her students.”  ~ Angeline C, Instructor Yvonne’s Online Class Service Team

Angeline C, 

Instructor Yvonne’s Online Class Service Team

“Can’t believe that HarmonyQi Class [with Instructor Yvonne] has ended. I must thank the person who introduced me to this class, a big thank you to our beautiful Teacher Yvonne for teaching us the Qigong techniques; to a dedicated team for your support, last but not least, a big thank you to all participants, too. Wonderful experience. I have benefitted a great deal from this.”  ~ Madhi, Student, HarmonyQi Class

Madhi, Student, 

HarmonyQi Class

“Thank you, Instructor for sharing HarmonyQi in such a professional way. Many blessings.”  ~ LAD, Guatemala, Student, HarmonyQi, LotusQi, YoungQi, 2020

June Dawson

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